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500 год Жану Кальвіну

Smorgon' protestant cathedral. Belarus is Eastern European country that received its independence after the collapse of the USSR. Population of Belarus is 10 millions, capital city is Minsk. The first written document of the Belarusian statehood goes far back as 980 AD when Prince Rahvalod began his reign on Polatsk lands. The young, fast growing state made close trade ties with German (Hansa) cities, with Scandinavia, neighboring eastern and southern principalities. From the 13th till the end of the 18th century Belarus was the center of a medieval state - Grand Duchy of Litva. The Grand Duchy of Litva was one of the largest, most powerful and flourishing states in medieval Eastern Europe. The state language in the Grand Duchy of Litva was Belarusian.



Zaslaue cathedral The Book of Proverbs says, "When the righteous increase, the people rejoice." These are not simply words, but a spiritual law. Every area of a person's life as well as life in the society depends on their spiritual condition, and the history of Belarus is a graphic example of how this law works. When the righteous were increasing in this country life in Belarus was good and flourishing. It is the 16th century, the age of Reformation, which went down in history as the Golden Age of Belarus.



Geneva reformators memorial It is a fact that the Protestants both as ruling classes and as ruled, both as majority and as minority, have shown a special tendency to develop economic rationalism which cannot be observed to the same extent among Catholics either in the one situation or in the other. Thus the principal explanation of this difference must be sought in the permanent intrinsic character of their religious beliefs, and not only in their temporary external historico-political situations.


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New Testament and Chants (1931) (in Belarussian)
Katechizis. Niesvizh, 1562
'Spadchina', 2003, №1
The conference 'Reformation and Golden Age of Belarus', 2003
Protestant church and national movement (in Belarussian)

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