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500 год Жану Кальвіну

The Reformation has become one of the reasons of a swift blooming of Belarusian culture in the XVI century -- philosophy, architecture, book printing educational institutions. At that time in our country the unique for the Europe religious tolerance was shaped, & that's become one of the basic values of the Belarusian society. The Reformation movement in Belarus considerably influenced on social idea & had the aim of the conciliation people with different views, origin & confesses on the ground of devotion to the higher ideal one of which is selfless work for the Motherland purposes. In 2003 will be 450 years from the beginning of the wide dissemination of the Reformation ideas in Belarus that are still actual ones. Belarusian responsible scientific & creative opinion, public committees & creative unions cannot go by such a considerable event of the Belarusian history. On the 13th of November there was establishing meeting of the Organizational Committee devotes to the 450th celebration of the Reformation in Belarus.

Organizational Committee members:

Chair: Prof. Anatoly Hryckievich, president of the International association "Zhurtavnne bielarusaw svietu "Batskawshchyna"

Ales' Pashkevich (head of Writers union of Belarus), Uladzimier Basalyha (head of the Artists Union), Herman Rodau (president of the Belarusian Bible Society), Siarhiej Tsvor (rector of the Theological Institute), Radzim Harecki, Nil Hilevich, Hienadz Buraukin, Adam Maldzis, Leanid Lych, Uladzimier Arlou, Viachaslau Chamiarycki, Alaksiej Marachkin, Hieorhi Shtykhau, Mihas Charniauski, Uladzimir Konan.

The aims of the Org. Committees work are:
  • Attraction the attention of the wide circles of the Belarusian and international society to spiritual, historical & cultural heritage of the Reformation in Belarus;
  • Popularization of the ideas & history of the reformation in the modern society;
  • Scientific comprehension of the Reformation and its famous persons as a spiritual, historical, cultural occurrence;

On the meeting a saturated holiday measures year plan was brought out in the next directions: scientific (international conferences, publishing of materials), educational (organization of the range of lections, devoted to the different aspects of the reformation in Minsk & regions, compiling of the date of calendar devotes to the reformation), informational (making an Internet cite , publication of the range of articles, interviews with the members of the Organizational Committee, organization of the special number central newspaper, devoted to the Reformation), cultural (organization of competition, concerts, art exhibitions, output of a disc with a Medieval music), social (monuments opening, publication of the books, calendars, postcards, badges, organization of the national holidays).

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New Testament and Chants (1931) (in Belarussian)
Katechizis. Niesvizh, 1562
'Spadchina', 2003, №1
The conference 'Reformation and Golden Age of Belarus', 2003
Protestant church and national movement (in Belarussian)

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